Do You Have What it Takes to Be an Entrepreneur?

With the economic woes facing us today more people are considering the idea of becoming an entrepreneur; starting a business in spite of the possibility of a worsening of the recession. Before trying to go down this road there are some questions that you need to honestly ask yourself. Looking in the mirror is something that is not always easy, but before taking such a risk it is necessary.


Improving Your Core Business Skills

Sometimes when you are unable to reach your goals the problem is not an external thing, but internal. Maintaining a high degree of business skills is a way of making sure that you are doing what you’re supposed to be doing – when you’re supposed to be doing it. A lot of times when we fail at doing something we tend to look outwards for a reason, but all too often it is because of some trait we are lacking on the inside. Here are some things to consider and work on in our own lives to help us to be more successful in business and in life.


How to Use Your Network to Improve Business

Everyone has a personal network, our local “sphere of influence”. These are the people who we interact with and meet during our journey in life. Just as in our personal life, our business life also has a network; Co-workers, customers, clients, etc. These are the people we deal with everyday while doing our jobs. If you are self employed you can sometimes utilize both your personal and business networks. Here are some ideas how you can use both networks to help your business to grow today.


Raising Funds for Your Startup Business

So you have your business plan perfected, the idea location, and an ample customer base. In other words all your ducks are in a row with one final, pivotal step left – money to fund your dream. This for most is the
hardest part. Don’t fret too much. With a little creativity, perseverance, and a lot of persistence your can find that seed money to fund your dreams to reality.


How to Raise Fast Cash on Demand

Didn’t make enough cash from the first Associated Content article? Here are even more ways to bring in some extra cash to fill that wallet. Online auctions were mentioned in the first article, but some other notable sites to check out are,, and (to sell used text books). Craiglist is routinely listed among the top twenty websites in the US. You can list your items for sale here and get lots of views, plus it’s free!


Knowing when to Expand Your Business Market

Sometimes owning a small home-based business, it’s hard to ever consider the possibility of ever expanding beyond your local neck-of-the-woods. But there comes a time when you can actually lose out of business by not widening your range of prospects. This is the time when changing your mind about geographic expansion is a good idea to consider. Or you can continue to just lose loads of potential customers.



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